Will you submit FMCSA Clearinghouse queries?

Yes!  For companies that order drug tests through us, we will submit the required data to the Clearinghouse on your behalf.


Where are your testing sites?

We are one out of only a handful of consortium companies to have networks in all 3 of the top DOT Labs (Quest, Labcorp and Alere).  This allows us to offer the most collection sites for you to choose from! 

Quest offers an online site locator (but keep in mind this is only Quest's network).  To check Quest, click this link and follow the steps below.  Quest Collection Sites

Enter your ZIP Code, then select "Drug Screen" for #2 and press Continue.  This will give you an idea of what is close by. 

Not seeing one you like?  We have thousands of additional collection sites that are not listed under Preferred locations.  However, these sites will require an additional  onsite collection fee.

Do I even need to be in a DOT random pool?  -Click Here

How do I know if I need Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors? - Click Here

How do I order a drug test?
With the new digital control and custody forms (CCF's), you no longer have to have paper copies.  You simply order the test online (see "Order Testing" button above).  We will issue you an order ticket via email.  You simply print that off and bring it to the listed collection site with your ID.  Done and done!


Can I get paper CCF's to have with me?
YES! You have the option of pre-purchasing drug tests and having paper copies with you.  This way, if you are sent for a test or require a test due to an accident, you can bring the CCF to a collection site without having to place an order online.  You can even use the forms for random tests throughout the year.  Just click the "Order CCF" button above.

We offer 2 Random Programs.  Each can be configured for DOT or NON-DOT compliant companies

NEW - We are in the process of adding MVR and Background Check Services.
Until it is added to your portal, just email us for more information.

Easily add and subtract employees, adjust testing pools or order services.

Updating driver pool information can be done either by phone, fax, email or using this online form.

For companies who would like to implement a Random Drug Testing policy for their employees.  We will create a shared access, employee pool and randomly draw names at specified intervals.  This service can be performed for any size company, anywhere in the country.
Please contact us for a specific quote based on your company needs.

Easy online sign-up. Just click
the link below and be

You will receive your membership certificate within hours of registering online.  To get started, simply click the Enroll Now button below!
OR print off the Policies and Contract and fax or email them back with your payment.



1- Random Drug Pool Management Only

Quality Consortium Services (QCS)

For DOT regulated or NON-DOT companies looking for cost effective C/TPA services.
This covers ANY DOT Agency! FMCSA, FAA, USCG, FRA, FTA and PHMSA

This service includes:

  • Randomized Pool Management
  • Nationwide Drug and Alcohol Testing Options
  • MRO Service
  • Over 30,000 Testing Sites Nationwide
    We use Quest, Labcorp and Alere (which includes locations like Concentra, Med Express and many local Hospitals or Urgent Care facilities.)
  • Dedicated Account Specialist
  • Company Drug Testing Policy
  • Certificate of Membership
  • SAP referrals
  • FMCSA Clearinghouse Queries.


Upfront Pricing, NO hidden Fees!

Annual Membership fee only $49 for Single Member Companies.

Additional members / employees are just $15 each for the first 15 people, then FREE!
Once you reach 15 members / employees, there are no additional membership fees when you add or replace anyone in your pool. That means the maximum annual membership fee for companies with 15 to 500 people or more, will be $49
+ (15 x $15) = $274.
Only have 5 members? That's $49 + (5 x $15) = $124, etc.

DOT Drug Test $59
Includes Collection Fee, Lab Fee and MRO fees!

Breath Alcohol $49

PLUS - you are not required to order testing through us.  You are free to use any SAMHSA certified lab in the country!  Just have the results sent to us.

For companies located in MN, you'll get the added bonus of discounted DOT Physicals and Drug / Alcohol tests at the Burnsville Quality Physicals location.

2- Consortium / Third Party Administrator